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Dr. Perlman and Dr. Ghannam have both worked in outpatient, acute care, and post acute care settings where they have witnessed first hand, the shortcomings of healthcare system. Together, they have successfully owned and operated their on telemedicine company that provides virtual care to acute and post-acute care facilities. They understand the challenges, the process, and most importantly the urgent need for telemedicine in all of today’s healthcare settings.  They are now advocating for a change in healthcare delivery with telemedicine and want to set a new standard of care. They wish to prepare every stakeholder in healthcare for the upcoming wave of technological change in order to create a patient and results centered approach to medicine.

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Dr. Jason Perlman
Dr. Jason PerlmanMD, MHS, Clinical Professor | President and Co-Founder of Telehealth Solution
Dr. Jason Perlman graduated summa cum lauda from Eastern Michigan University, where he triple majored in Health Sciences, Health Management, and Human Behavior and Communication. After graduating top of his class from AUC for medical school, he completed his residency in Family Medicine at Cabarrus Family Medicine within Carolinas Healthcare System, where he was chief resident in his final year. First an Academic Hospitalist and then an Assistant Clinical Professor through UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine, he also served as Medical Director of Hospital Medicine. In addition to starting a fellowship in Hospital Medicine, Dr. Perlman won awards for process changes reducing readmissions surrounding CHF, and was Medical Director for Community Care of North Carolina, a Medicaid program.
Dr. Sam Ghannam
Dr. Sam GhannamMD MBA MHSA | CEO & Co-founder of TeleHealth Solution | National TeleHealth Speaker
Dr. Ghannam obtained his Medical Degree from St. Matthew’s University and his residency at Cabarrus Family Medicine in Concord, NC. During his medical training, Dr. Ghannam also completed a Masters of Business Administration from Davenport University and a Masters in Health Services Administration from St. Joseph’s College.

The Experts

Do you need a keynote speaker for your next conference? Dr. Waseem “Sam” Ghannam and Dr. Jason Perlman are co-creators of a fast growing telemedicine company, TeleHealth Solution. They encompass the knowledge and experience in patient care and in healthcare administration. They know how to support both entities to provide top-notch healthcare while saving unnecessary medical spending, reducing strain on healthcare professionals, and stress on patients, and they want to educate others in their field in the process.  

They have worked through issues involving hospital readmissions and the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA), rural healthcare, government red tape and more. Dr. Ghannam and Dr. Perlman are both Hospitalist Physicians, and are cognizant of gaps in healthcare that healthcare administrators, at times, do not see.

Book Dr. Ghannam & Dr. Perlman now and have a five star rated speaker to educate your audience.

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“Dr. Ghannam and Dr. Perlman offer a seamless transition for our resident’s care needs. The staff finds comfort in knowing that if needed a physician is available within minutes. With TeleHealth Solution, we are able to implement interventions within the facility and have fewer transfers.”

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